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Lightning 5

4D Web Applications, Solved.

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Lightning 5

Clean Air

Lightning is a Web Application Framework designed for 4D

It's easily installed into a 4D database, to create a 4D Web Application, very quickly...

Facilities are provided for controlling user access, designing forms, validating data entry and that just touches the surface. The sky is the limit!

  • Designed for 4D

    4D + Lightning = The perfect solution for all skill levels
  • Easy to learn

    Lightning Forms use standard HTML, just place your {{directive}} and you're done
  • No Limits

    Featuring Bootstrap 4, the world's most popular UI framework

Why Lightning?

Tried & Tested

Since 2009, Lightning is used for both commercial and in-house web applications.

Excellent Support

Help is here when you need it, direct email support and full access to the forum.

Unlimited Deployments

The Lightning developer license entitles the owner to unlimited application deployments, forever.

Core Features

Everything you need!

Great Toolkit

Tools are supplied to create a stunning AJAX/SPA web application.

Lightning Fast

Fully optimised supporting 4D and NTK Web Servers.

Plug and play

Easily add third-party JavaScript libraries to enhance your application.



£ 500

  • Compiled Component

V5 upgrade

£ 375

  • Compiled Component

V5 Pro

£ 2000

  • Source Component
  • Priority Support

V5 Pro upgrade

£ 1500

  • Source Component
  • Priority Support

All Options Include:

Unlimited Deployments // Forum Access

The sky is the limit!

Download Lightning V5


Feedback from happy developers!

"Newbies and heavies both can make good use of it"

David Ringsmuth / Business Brothers, Inc.

"Great performance and functionality"

Peter Klimon / Equitable Services, Inc.


Sujit Shah / Fortuna


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